About iPinkie

About iPinkie

Hey Royals!

I’m Raynardia Campbell aka iPinkie , 



Im an Entertainer-Artist/Dancer/Actor/Cosmetologist/Life Coach/Influncer/Brand&Marketing Queen/Business Owner etc....


born August 8 1993 , Leo Baby , in New Jersey but also lived in North Carolina, New York, Florida, and explored many more states and also Jamaica (yes, I’m Jamerican) Both my Parents and my entire family are from Jamaica.

I’ve been doing stage performances like dancing , acting , singing and writing music for over 20 years. I also did choir for over 10 years. Also I’m a cosmetologist as well and now I’m running a few businesses dealing with hair, arts and entertainment.


I Welcome all family , friends , beginners and advanced Royals with LOVE.

Young Entrepreneur striving !

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IPinkie Di Jamerican Gyal
Done Know Di Ting

#God Is My Provider.







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